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Windows XP Graphics

Post by WindowsXPGuy » Tue Jan 18, 2022 7:18 pm


Looking for some advice, I am currently running my PC On Win XP 64Bit SP2 and its Perfect and is coping well with the modern world the only thing that is spoiling the experience is that my On Board Radeon R7 does not seem to be too happy and it has some horrendous screen tearing when watching videos even running at 1080p rather than 4K res its still horrific, I have tried everything in the book, removed Drivers, tried downloading different drivers (not that there are many), Made sure all upto date and newest driver, set V-Sync to always on, Triple Buffering, Disabled smooth scrolling etc so my only option is to change Windows which I dont want to do or get an actual Graphics Card which will hopefully be abit happier but want to make sure I want to get a guaranteed improvement can anyone recommend a card that will work on Win XP 64Bit, HDMI and VGA Port, Be able to do 1080p Video Playback and Most of all No Screen Tearing.

Thanks in Advance.

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