[Help] Triggering the recovery mode of an old notebook (Debian-live, Freedos, SysLinux, Clonezilla)

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[Help] Triggering the recovery mode of an old notebook (Debian-live, Freedos, SysLinux, Clonezilla)

Post by arthurion » Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:16 pm

Hello. I know the title may suggest this as something other than "OS" discussion, but hear (or read) my story: We have here in the house a notebook from 2011 that still pretty solid on it's functions (even put more RAM on it). Originally, it have a boot-loader menu where I could choose between the OS (OEM Windows 7 HP) or the recovery procedures. The menu itself looked like the one from Clonezilla live, but with the background changed to a manufacture logo. The only image of this menu that I have is from the manual: https://imgur.com/hwZCH04.

In 2015, someone decide to install Windows 10 on the main partition and it get rid of this menu, but the recovery partition still there (see this image for all the folders and files: https://imgur.com/rrVN5oi). While I could install Win7 again from a disk, it would not restore that menu or, in other words, be like the original it once was (even had a MS Office, some Antivirus software, and so on). I want to restore this system like when it came from factory, but for that I need to trigger the recovery process from that partition. Here is a GDrive folder with all the files from the partition, except for the ones of the Image itself: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

After inspecting some files and just by seeing the files in there, I think it is a mixture of many different free solutions to make the process simple for the user (just one click and everything is done behind the scenes), with may include: Syslinux, Debian-live, FreeDOS and Clonezilla.

I've already tried to restore the image sda1.ntfs-ptcl-img.lzo by unpacking it, but the resulting file (over 20gb) had no extension (just labeled sda1.ntfs-ptcl-img) and Clonezilla live didn't showed the option to "restore from image".

So, I need some advice/help with how I could trigger this recovery. Maybe the answer is just with Clonezilla, but I decide to ask here since I've seen references to Debian-live and FreeDOS. Perhaps some command on a Linux terminal may start the process, like it was before?
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