Anyone running a Hackintosh?

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Re: Anyone running a Hackintosh?

Post by drbosh » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:14 pm

Yes! Actually, im replying you on the hackintosh right now.
The installation experience was very awful, but i finally got it up and running perfectly, nearly everything works, except for iMessage, iCloud and Facetime, but that's common in hackintosh's (can you call it like that? xd) and the Geforce 765m also doesen't work because it's incompatible with MacOS, but except for that everyting works perfectly, wifi, bluetooth, the speakers, the battery (although it's dead soo it's useless until i replace it) and the graphics work perfectly. It has some glitches here and there but they are small.
Here's a screenshot:
upload gif image

·Alienware 14
·Intel Core i5 4200m 2.49GHz
·Intel HD 4600, Geforce GTX 765m (Disabled, not working on Mac, if someone could help me it would we awesome)
·16gb of DDR3 RAM
·80gb Liteonit SSD, 1TB HDD

If someone needs help with this computer and a config similar, i can send you my EFI folder for MacOS Sierra, High Sierra doesen't work right now, im really investigating why.
If i discover why, i will post it here and in other forums.
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