[Android/Rooted] DriveDroid - Turn your phone into a multiboot solution!

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[Android/Rooted] DriveDroid - Turn your phone into a multiboot solution!

Post by henk717 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:59 pm

Hello Everyone,

Here is my second suggestion for the other multiboot geeks on here.
Originally i had an all in one usb stick which took quite some time to make endlessly configuring the menu's to find the right settings to add yet another distro or feature.
The end result was very need but didn't have proper UEFI support and still required a USB stick to carry around.

I thought to myself, how cool would it be if my phone was the USB stick? And it turns out this is possible even if you do not have mass storage as an option in your rom since most (Custom) kernels allow this to happen anyway. For the kernels that support it (Such as the OnePlus stock rom) there also is ISO mounting support where the phone can mount images by acting like a CD Drive but phones and kernels that support this are quite rare and can be tricky to find if not non existent on your phone.


You can get the Free Ad Supported or Paid versions over on Google Play!

Once you have given it root it will guide you trough the process of mounting your first USB bootable image and trying to boot from it, once done its as simple as creating an empty img image and using a tool like Rufus to get the files over or use existing images like linux iso's or other raw disk images. Keep in mind that Windows ISO's are not USB bootable by default and will only work by the ISO Mount option if you do not manually convert it over the a USB format by creating an empty disk image and using Rufus or the Media Creation Tool to prepare your own installation image file (Which you can then later backup if you desire).

You now have your diverse low effort high quality rescue solution always with you in your pocket while still being able to make calls with it to! :D

Happy Installing!
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Re: [Android/Rooted] DriveDroid - Turn your phone into a multiboot solution!

Post by VladDracula » Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:32 am

That's a pretty cool idea.
Long live Romania, (in my opinion) the strongest Balkan country!
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