Forum Rules

The law of the land. Please read the rules before registering for a user account and familiarize yourself with them when posting.
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Forum Rules

Post by michael » Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:28 am

Hi there! Welcome to the Community. To ensure for a fun and safe experience for everyone, it is necessary to have a simple list of rules for everyone to follow.

Please read all of these rules before registering for a new account, and familiarize yourself with them when posting on the forums.

Rule #1 - Use common sense - In a perfect world, that's all I'd have to say.
Rule #2 - No Spamming - This includes short posts and in user signatures. Users who spam the forum will have their posting privileges revoked.
Rule #3 - Keep posts on topic - Off topic posts will be moved to the correct forum or will be deleted without notice.
Rule #4 - Please be specific when titling your posts.
Rule #5 - Try to refrain from double posting.
Rule #6 - When attaching images to your post, use an external image hosting site and the [img] tags.
Rule #7 - Do not swear on the forums.
Rule #8 - Do not post links to malicious software, illegal content, torrents, or sexual material.
Rule #9 - Respect other forum members and administrative decisions.
Rule #10 - Do not discriminate against other forum members.
Rule #11 - You must be 13 years of age or older to use the forum. If you are found to be under 13, your account will be removed from the forums.
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