The Mystery Product Key for Windows XP "Ultimate"

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The Mystery Product Key for Windows XP "Ultimate"

Post by henk717 » Wed May 20, 2020 12:12 am

Imagine having semi official media for a rare version of Windows XP in your possession, one that contain all the latest features from Windows Media Center 2005 yet is a media center copy that allows domain joining. Something newer than the Media Center 2005 release yet retaining that unlocked functionality from Windows XP Proffesional making it the closest to something like a Windows XP Ultimate edition.

I have such a copy of Windows XP, all you need is the official first release of Windows Media Center (2002) which has Service Pack 1.
That disk will either install a regular Windows XP Professional or a Windows XP Media Center depending on the product key you install, making it a hybrid disk.
I can't share the key's that work on this release for obvious reasons but i can drop the hint b00lon that may help you find them.

What is the end result you wonder for such an installation? A copy of Windows XP Proffesional that can have its boot screen name changed to Media Center Edition with one extra Media Center application (A really old version of it). This in itself is nothing more than Windows XP Proffesional with that app and a different boot screen, but it does retain every feature of Windows XP Proffesional including the domain join.

This is where service packs come in, specifically the unofficial service pack 4. If you install this service pack it will automatically upgrade this version of Windows XP to contain all the features that you would expect from the latest versions of media center, including the themes and things like the Windows Dancers. But, here is the fun part! All the Windows XP Proffesional functionality remains! So you got a media center that is fully unlocked with things like domain joining making it truly the ultimate official version of Windows XP.

But here our mystery comes in, i want this to be easy to install on my retro computers so i slipstreamed the service pack on top of this Media Center 2002 ISO file.
The result is a functioning ISO that identifies itself as Media Center v4. But suddenly the product keys that worked on the original iso completely seize working. And the 2005 product keys are refused as well.

This leaves me completely stuck with what to use here, i also tried an old crack i had that would allow you to enter any product key but even that failed.

Does anyone know what product key this rare slipstreamed version of Media Center 2002 would require? (Don't share the key given the anti piracy policy, just tell me for which release i'd have to obtain the product key.
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