Project: Vista-C, the XP-C counterpart that aims to customize Windows Vista.

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Project: Vista-C, the XP-C counterpart that aims to customize Windows Vista.

Post by retroreviewyt » Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:06 pm

Hello again everyone. I’m Alex from The Retro Review, presenting the culmination of my previous project Vista Lite, Windows Vista-C.

The OS aims to be relatively modern and free of proprietary software, like Internet Explorer and Windows Mail.

It features free and open source software like:
New Moon
Mozilla Thunderbird 38.5
Kodi 17.1
Firewall PApi
ClamWin Antivirus
Amongst the standard Windows applications like WordPad, MS Paint, and Windows Media Player.

Games included as of RC 4 in addition to the standard Windows Games:
Pinball (from XP)
Hold’em (Ultimate Extras)
Things removed:
Windows Firewall and Defender
Internet Explorer and Windows Mail
Windows Sidebar (and Gadgets)
Family Feud (2006)

Things I planned to replace but didn’t work:
PaintRibbon in place of MS Paint

MS Paint will return in Beta 6a and Metapad will replace Notepad at some point.

As of Beta 6a, the Windows 10 cursors are now the default cursors for the project. They were extracted from an old VM of Build 9841 I had laying around.
The OS is inspired by Longhorn 4074

Other things that changed are updated sample music hand picked by me, some songs were used in the 2003 concept videos such as Mystery Train by Elvis Presley
Get this party started by P!NK
Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion (Greatest Hits version from the 1980 release)
amongst songs by The Police, Van Halen, and Electric Light Orchestra.


Downloads have been removed due to forum policy. I myself do not recommend this OS as a daily driver, only as a curiosity and something to mess around with.

Want to test the OS on your own time? The discord link is down below!
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