Windows XP on Pentium III

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Windows XP on Pentium III

Post by JohnJohny » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:30 pm

Hello, today I installed Windows XP on my retro 866mhz Pentium III machine. I installed it onto an SD card through an adapter (IDE to SD card). When it boots it gets stuck at the "welcome" screen. I tried safe mode and VGA mode but it didn't help. I also installed Windows 2000 onto the same SD card before so it's not a problem with the adapter or the SD card. What would you guys do (besides just using a hard drive)?
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Re: Windows XP on Pentium III

Post by yubi » Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:17 pm

It sounds like to me that the SD card is writing wayyyy slower than you expect and possibly bottlenecking the rest of the hardware. I also wouldn't recommend Windows XP on an SD card as XP does more reading and writing during startup it will take longer than usual for it to load up. Not to mention the possibility of you reducing the lifespan of your SD card by zeroing out the card in 2000's setup, my advice for formatting is just to simply take it over to your PC and quick format it.

You should probably as well replace the SD card solution with a CompactFlash solution as it has a much faster speeds in comparison to your SD solutions (some reaching as high as 155MB/s according to compared to sometimes <10MB/s on the SD card.
- yubi
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