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PROJECT: Windows 2010

Post by GMM » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:55 pm


Welcome to Windows 2010, the next generation of 7. We want to make Windows 2010 better than ever by adding new features and changes from Windows 7. And we are including third-party theme support to Windows 2010, so you can use third-party themes to make themes look more beautiful and amazing. We will develop more builds to create and make the next generation of 7. Are you ready?

Preview (this mod is under construction):




Release Candidate Stage:


Build 7660.winmain.201011-1044 (based on 7655):
The calendar application has updated and now it's named "Windows Fullscreen Calendar"
New wallpaper
New logon screen background
New setup background
New FirstUXRes background
Setup changes and improvements
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v1.0 (based of v0.4.1 due to issues):
- New second intro (will be played before the intro from v0.4)
- NVDA removed
- You can now preview where the Sound Scheme Installer is located
- Setup changes and improvements

Build 7656.fbl_setup.200727-1253 (unsuccessful build, next build is based of 7655):
SKU changes (unsuccessful)
New setup background
New FirstUXRes background
Licenses updated

Build 7655.winmain.200723-1421:
Removed feedback application
Updated winver2010.exe application
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.5.1:
- The help section is removed and will be skipped to the end of the finalizing setup

Build 7653.winmain.200714-1126:
New wallpaper
New logon screen background
Added two sound schemes: Vista and Crystallio
New program: Sound Scheme Installer (you can install and apply sound schemes)
New sample music
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.5:
- You can now install Windows Live Essentials 2012 (discontinued but still supported)
- New programs: 7-zip and NVDA
- Setup changes and improvements

Beta Stage:

Beta 2:

Build 7650.winmain_win2010beta2.200705-0924 (Official Beta 2 Release):
Updated winver2010.exe application
Details pane is now at bottom instead of top
Old winfb.exe from Build 7606 is removed
shell32.dll.copymodder file is removed (due that it is not usable)

Build 7649.winmain_win2010beta2.200704-1342:
New redesigned feedback application
New Microsoft .NET Framework Installer application
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.4.1:
- Fixed new welcome video (before setup) and removed the video from Build 7630
- Removed videos due to videos not playing
- There is no way as of now to install .NET Framework on finalizing setup (to install it, use the Microsoft .NET Framework Installer)
- Setup changes and improvements

Build 7647.winmain.200612-0901:
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.4:
- New welcome video when finalizing setup starts (will also be used for RTM)
- If setup skipped, a video will play with a progress bar for 5 seconds before desktop preparation
- In the Help section, a video will play showing a "Report a bug and website" shortcut with a mouse clicking on it
- Firefox is updated from v72.0.2 to v77.0.1
- Audacity is updated from v2.3.3 to v2.4.1
- You can now install two .NET Framework versions (4.0 and 4.5.2), but the option to install .NET Framework 4.8 is removed due to installation not working
- Setup changes and improvements

Build 7645.fbl_expshell.200607-1717:
Changed color when copying, moving or deleting a file or folder

Build 7643.fbl_wmpbgc_fix.200606-1629:
Fixed Windows Media Player Background Changer when not exiting application and opening Windows Media Player

Build 7642.winmain.200605-1548:
New program: Windows Media Player Background Changer
New start orb

Build 7639.winmain.200516-0952:
When you click "Watch a demonstration" on Windows 2010 Demonstration application, you will see a window that shows you three steps to watch a demonstration of Windows 2010
New Windows 2010 Demonstration shortcut icon (in Start Menu > All Programs > Windows 2010 Demonstration)
New FirstUXRes animation
Alarm updated to version 1.01:
- New design
- The option to maximize Alarm is disabled
Changes in bootstr.dll
OOBE improvements

Build 7636.fbl_ftwelcome_demonstration_runonce.200510-1514:
New first time welcome application when you log in to your desktop
New Windows 2010 Demonstration application (uses the Windows 2010 Beta 1 Demo video)
Some impovements

Build 7634.fbl_samplemusic.200503-1022:
New sample music
Fixed the album cover in Bulletproof Tiger (it was no album cover)

Build 7631.winmain.200420-1455:
Fixed Bitmap in spwizimg.dll when in the beginning of setup
New sample video "Water & Wind"
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.3.1:
- Fixed music not playing
- Speech is removed when you skip setup
- Some impovements

Build 7630.fbl_private.200415-1256:
Fixed Bitmap in arunres.dll when in the beginning of setup
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.3:
- Microsoft Anna will guide you during finalizing setup (speech enabled)
- New music and welcome video
- After welcome video ends, a console application will make About.txt and Builds.txt before the setup
- When finalizing setup starts, a GIF will play before the welcome screen
- Application will be at the center of the screen instead of the left side

Build 7628.fbl_setup.200412-1001:
Setup changes and impovements

Build 7626.fbl_wp.200328-1024:
New wallpaper
New background pack: Alphabetas

Build 7625.fbl_private.200321-0845:
Added new winver application named winver2010.exe, leaving the winver.exe as it is
Added winver2010.exe shortcuts

Beta 1:

Build 7624.winmain_win2010beta1.200319-1239 (Official Beta 1 Release):
New logon screen background
Some logon screen changes and impovements
Some PresentationSettings changes

Build 7623.2.winmain_win2010beta1.200313-1955:
OOBE finalizing setup updated to v0.2:
- Added previous buttons
- Added an option to skip
- New and updated programs and VLC removed
- On the "Important" setup phase, you have the option to accept or decline (same for skipping setup)
- Some impovements

Build 7623.1.winmain_win2010beta1.200311-1216:
Changed some OOBE impovements
Changed some things in themeui.dll.mui

Build 7623.fbl_private.200311-0955:
Removed The Earth screensaver
Changed Windows Speech Recognition sounds

Build 7622.fbl_experimental_platform_update.200303-1633:
Integrated the Windows 7 Platform Update

Build 7621.winmain.200227-1022:
New logon screen branding and base branding
New Changelog application
New background
New logon screen background
Setup impovements

Build 7620.fbl_scr.200226-1239:
New screensavers: Flurry, Helios and The Earth

Build 7619.fbl_wsc.200224-1906:
New program: Windows Speech Converter

Build 7618.fbl_setup.200223-0946:
Changed the setup background and some impovements

Build 7617.fbl_ehome.200219-0727:
Changed the backgrounds and some impovements in Windows Media Center

Build 7616.fbl_private.200211-1013:
Removed the Pinball shortcut

Build 7615.winmain.200210-1318:
Added 1 sample music
Pinball shortcut is now on Start > All Programs > Games

Build 7614.fbl_theme.200205-0948:
New theme
New wallpaper (not by default)

Build 7613.fbl_experimental_authui.200204-1831:
New logon screen

Build 7612.fbl_private.200203-1348:
New program: Alarm

Build 7611.winmain.200202-0836:
New OOBE setup screen instead of a message-like screen (finalizing setup) (v0.1).

Build 7610.fbl_expshell.200105-1044:
Changed the Navigation buttons and shell32.dll

Build 7609.winmain.200104-1150:
Changed some OOBE improvements
Some changes in the Welcome Center

Build 7608.fbl_experimental_startandlogon.200103-1033:
New logon screen background
New OOBE background
New start orb
New start menu user picture frame
New system branding

Build 7607.fbl_theme.191229-1034:
New themes "Nassau County Museum of Art" and "Nassau County Museum of Art Characters"

Build 7606.fbl_feedback.191227-1119:
Removed Feedback.txt and added a new feedback application.

Build 7605.fbl_private.191226-1321:
New wallpaper
New sounds

Milestone Stage (all builds are winmain):

Build 7219:
Pinball is back and added to Windows 2010!
Added 2 .mid files in %SystemRoot%\Media called "fourpm.mid" and "take5.mid"

Build 7187:
New programs: Calendar and Timer
In Start menu, the search bar now says "Search apps, settings and files" instead of "Search programs and files".
The user account picture named "user.bmp" is changed
The sample pictures from Windows 7 are back and new sample pictures made by Glosswired and Clygro.

Build 7145:
New video program plays after finalizing settings
Changed music samples (and somewhat deleted Wildlife.wmv and sample pictures)

Build 7111:
New wallpaper
New updates
Removed services (like Dr. Watson)
New gadgets
New startup and shutdown sounds

Build 7085:
New theme
Changes to Windows Sidebar
Fixed sample video when not playing in Windows Media Center
Added Feedback.txt for reporting a bug and sending feedback about your Windows 2010 system

Build 7057 (PRIVATE):
New theme developing...

Build 7051:
New system sounds and Windows Media Center sounds
Added new sample music
Added a sample video

Build 7027:
New start orb.
New background packs: Flight, Cities.
Integrated Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
Added Changelog.txt into Public Desktop

Build 7015:
Changed some OOBE impovements.
Some impovements.

Build 7006:
New backgrounds.
New services and impovements.


We hope you enjoy this build. And if you see this MJD, please make a video about it. I would love it.

Thanks, GMM.

Development builds are pre-releases. Do not use development builds for everyday use until the final build is released.
The final build release date is unknown, so expect to release the build in Summer 2020 or Fall 2020.
These development builds are only used for testing.
Private builds are not used for public testing.

For the best performance of testing Windows 2010 development builds, use PC hardware or a fast performance virtual machine.
For a virtual machine, use VirtualBox:

Join The R Projects discord server:

Windows 2010 is based and modded on Windows 7 SP1 (Build 7601) and will reach Windows 7 end of support on January 14th, 2020.
For more infomation about the Windows 7 support ending on January 14th, 2020, head to ... nformation.

We are not affiliated by Microsoft.
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Re: PROJECT: Windows 2010

Post by RobDie » Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:14 pm

Hey :)

so there is no dl yet for a development build? :)
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Re: PROJECT: Windows 2010

Post by GMM » Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:46 pm

The official release candidate build is out now!
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Re: PROJECT: Windows 2010

Post by alistair2404 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 5:16 pm

GMM wrote:
Sun Oct 11, 2020 4:46 pm
The official release candidate build is out now!
where to find it
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Re: PROJECT: Windows 2010

Post by billygoat891 » Fri Jan 01, 2021 1:30 am

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