Longhorn 5384!

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Longhorn 5384!

Post by Cosmo » Tue May 07, 2019 9:39 pm

I just got Longhorn 5384, from WinHEC 2006 in the mail. It's really cool. This was the official Beta 2 from back in the day. Some changes I noticed that they didn't make yet in this build:

1. Some control panel icons and options have not been changed.

2. The sidebar becomes opaque when maximizing windows, like in pre-reset Longhorn. In the final release the sidebar doesn't do this.

3. The sidebar includes a few gadgets that were modified or removed completely in the final version, such as a timer, and a calculator, which honestly I think are very useful.

4. The Vista Basic theme was not finalized at this point (but I think it looks better than the one Vista and 7 ended up with anyways)

5. This build can be successfully "debombed" using an official Windows Vista Developer Activator. When doing this it removes the watermark on the lower right corner of the screen and the winver dialogue box.

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