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Weird Win9x quirk on AEMULA?

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:57 pm
by DragutinMaric
Although I usually use the known-good (but horrendously slow) Limbo PC Emulator on my mobile devices as my main emulation software. I recently tried AEMULA ( ... mula4droid) and was having some trouble with WIn9x. So basically, the pre-made images that do start (some aren't compatible, which is not a problem on something like Limbo) either get stuck (Win95 and some 98 images) or tell me that it is safe to shut down my computer and the ones that do offer me safe mode after a forced reboot also do that safe to shutdown stupidity in safe mode. Any insight on this would be highly appreciated. This happens both on stock emulator settings and with the configuration file optimized for use with WinME (which doesn't do the misbehavior for some reason). I think there might be some ACPI driver issue, but I'm not sure.