[PROJECT] Windows 98 TE

Discuss operating systems based on Windows NT (including modern versions).
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[PROJECT] Windows 98 TE

Post by London222 » Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:00 pm

Currently in the Planning stage is (drumroll plz) Windows 98 Third Edition

Now, this is not like the Unoficcial Windows 98 Service Pack

This is based on Windows 2000


Why NT?

Windows 9x is Unstable

Windows 2000 has better app support (for reference, the newest supported version of Firefox that works on Windows 98 is 2.0 from 2008. The latest version supported on 2K is 12 from 2012 (no pun intended) and with patches up to 28, those patches will be included in the VMDK)
Windows 2000 has better hardware support
Windows 2000 is far more stable
Windows 2000 got support for 4 years longer than 98/ME. Thats 4 Years of Additional Updates
Windows 2000 is easiliy Customizable

System Requirements
The system requirements are the same as they were in the Original Windows 2K

Can this be used on real hardware
If anyone knows how to Image a VMDK File to a HDD, yes

Whats Different?

Firefox 24 will be Included as the Default Browser, but Internet Explorer will continue to be Installed with the Operating System
The branding will be 'Windows 98 TE'

Whats included
All the Default Apps +
Firefox 24
Unofficial SP5
Utilu IE Collection (versions 1.5-6.0)
Windows Movie Maker
Windows Media Player 9
Internet Explorer 6
Windows TV Bar
Windows 98 Welcome shall replace W2Ks one, with Modifications ofcourse
VMware Tools (only on VMware Version)
VirtualBox Guest Editions (only on VirtualBox Version)

Where to download?

In order to comply with rules, not here.

When released, it will be on the Internet Archive
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Re: [PROJECT] Windows 98 TE

Post by London222 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:44 pm

UPDATE 17/09/21:

The Core Operating System is now finished!!!
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