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Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:41 pm
by Mattjod
Hello, my name is Mattjod, or on most sites, MaddieMJD (wasn't able to chose that name here, most likely because of the "MJD" part... No, I didn't intend on copying Micheal), I'm very interested in the history of computers and computer operating systems, mostly older Windows versions, especially Windows XP, as well as Linux operating systems. I've been watching Micheal for around a year now as well. I've been meaning to join for a while and I'm happy to finally be here!

Re: Hello!

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:45 am
by michael
Welcome to the site! Sorry about that lol. I had that set up to prevent anyone from taking my channel's username on here.

Re: Hello!

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:39 am
by TheCanadianToast
Welcome to, Mattjod. :D