[Request] From Cairo to WinFS

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[Request] From Cairo to WinFS

Post by AlphaBetaGammaDelta » Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:49 am

The basic idea of leaving the path of file system structures only based on file names and folder names was already conceived for Cairo, it was called OFS.


Basically similiar to the idea of saving files by their metadata mainly, so that you don't have to remember path names, but can connect them efficiently (MajorSky17 had an example of a possible search in WinFS, impossible under NTFS, something like: "All images that came in through email from 2010 and 2011 that have an attachment size of at least one mb and contain the person xyz"; This would be quite easily doable in WinFS, but is not possible on NTFS).

The whole topic of what was planned for Cairo but scrapped, or used later, especially in Longhorn, and maybe even today in Windows 10 and how it all evolved would really interest me. Maybe even more generalized, the greatest ideas of projects that were planned for Windows but scrapped.

I'd really enjoy you taking a further look into this. There's lots of material on BetaArchive about that and also in the Antitrust case files about Cairo or Longhorn.

I'd really enjoy a video about this and I think I may not be alone with that.
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