Windows XP Media Center Service Pack Upgrade Special

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Windows XP Media Center Service Pack Upgrade Special

Post by henk717 » Wed May 20, 2020 1:55 pm

This is a concept in line with your beta development and upgrade series.
Take the oldest version of media center you can find (The 2002 servicepack 1 build is the oldest i personally have), take a look at the software and then install the servicepacks one by one to see what the changes are and how Windows XP evolved over time all the way up to the unofficial service pack 4.
The reason to pick Media Center is because it has the most things changed and evolves in interesting ways, from a Windows XP Professional with extra application to the media center we know today.

A few things to keep an eye out for :
- Additional applications that can be installed in the additional applications panel, i know especially service pack 4 changes this.
- Available themes and additional applications.
- The existance or lack of Windows Messenger.
- The apperance of the Windows Security Center
- The growth in features of Windows Movie Maker
- The evolution of the media center application itself.
- Internet Explorer
- Windows Media Player
- Identifiction strings in Winver, System info and Help
And possibly other things i have missed.

If you need help in getting the ISO or bypassing its activation i can help you out, media center 2002's needs to be installed with the correct product key or it will install Windows XP Proffesional instead and if the correct product key is used the activation is immediately expired presumably because it is an OEM key used in a VM. It can be patched with some tricks so that you can show it off without having the hassle of the now defunct activation servers. Once you are a few service packs in you get the normal 30 day trial again as it fixes the flaw that causes the instant expiration.
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