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[Request] Windows XP downloadable official themes from Microsoft

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 5:14 am
by Wadmodder
We all know about Microsoft Plus!, Windows Ultimate Extras, and PowerToys, but many might not know about the downloadable Windows XP desktop themes once released on Microsoft's official download center. These were released around 2004 up to 2006, before Windows Vista was released. The installers are very hard to come by in recent years, as no videos on YouTube had showcased these desktop themes, unlike the Microsoft Plus! themes, making these desktop themes "Lost Media" for a few years.

However, Glosswired and I were able to archive most of the installers for these desktop themes for anybody to download.

I would want to see a video on these official Microsoft desktop themes being showcased, as I only seen few videos on YouTube that only showed the Startup and Shutdown sounds from few of the themes.