[Feedback] Some notes on your Windows 8 video...

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[Feedback] Some notes on your Windows 8 video...

Post by Cosmo1 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 9:32 am

So I watched your video on Windows 8 development. All in all, nice (you really do explain the topics at hand quite well for those new to Win8 development) but there are a few issues:

- 7850 has the new folder icons.
- You didn't cover Immersive IE, or the IE10 betas.
- You didn't cover to cover pattern logon (79xx) or picture password (8008+, although pattern logon is still functional albeit unused all the way to 8045)
- You didn't cover a feature in 7850 where you can have your desktop background as the login screen background. This requires Redlock and an additional registry key.
- Four of the Charms have code in 7850, but they're locked beyond impossible conditions iirc.
- 8032+ have Immersive Remote Desktop.
- 7927 and later have a new BSOD. 7850, if you crash it during boot, has VBE 2.0 BSODs, which result in Windows 7's BSOD with a smooth font.
- 7927 and later have a feature called History Vault - basically Apple's Time Machine
- You should have at least mentioned 7700, 7955, 7962, 7963, 7973, 8008, 8014, 8032, and 8045 - at the very least 7963 and 8014, it's a decent transitionary point between 7989 and 8056.
- At the start of the video, you show 8045, but you actually show 8056

There's also some interesting stuff in 7850 - in 7850, there are hidden registry settings for the Start Screen. They allow you to set the distance between tiles and effectively resize tiles by forcing a certain DPI.

It might also be worth covering Windows Phone 8 build 8124.
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