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[REQUEST] Review 2 small tweaks to get older Microsoft Text-To-Speech Voices on Windows 10 + BONUS]

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2019 1:45 pm
by WinElectronic101
So I was exploring the internet and found an archive of 2 wonderful tools created by butters on a page called 8forums. A YouTube user called SamJoe404 then decided to upload a video to his channel, catching my attention (Title: How To Get Microsoft Sam/Mike/Mary on Narrator in WIndows Vista/7/8/8.1/10). Interestingly, I naturally clicked on the video thinking it wasn't going to work because the installation of older Microsoft voices on versions of Windows newer than Vista did not normally work. Surprise surprise, was I ever wrong. They work, not only on 32-bit but 64-bit as well. There is also a 3rd voice that is unlockable for Windows 10 using registry hacks which appears to be the voice of Cortana, and you can now even get Microsoft Anna and Microsoft Lili (Lili is a Chinese voice) on Windows 10 working as well. Since this archive is completely confusing and is literally just a bunch of links, I am posting these as direct download links for your convenience. (The unlockable Registry Tweak is an exception which is currently not embedded into Winaero (Tweaker).
Microsoft Sam, Mike and Mary: ... s_v1.3.exe
Microsoft Anna & Lili: ... s_v1.1.exe
BONUS Microsoft Eva: (Yes, ironically, the tweak was released to, but as mentioned above has not made it's way into Winaero Tweaker as of now).