Vista Apps on Windows 98 Followup - Why it didn't work.

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Vista Apps on Windows 98 Followup - Why it didn't work.

Post by noodled » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:51 pm

Hey, I have a few ideas on why this didn't really work.
Here are some tips to help you out, if you decide to try again/make a part 3.

1. You didn't reboot after installing Direct X 9. This is very important because Direct X sets enviroment variables and has to register the DLLs. Without the reboot, programs may fail to recognise Direct X is installed and fail to find the required DLLs.

2. You have to install the programs in the "redist" folder.
Redist is short for redistributables. These are programs (such as Direct X) that are needed for the operation of other programs. You could call them dependencys. You also need to reboot after installing these. Common things to be included in this folder are stuff like Visual C++ Redistributable 20XX (replace X with year), Direct X,

3. If all fails, you can also sometimes get away with looking up the .dll files it says it needs, downloading them and copying them into the program's folder (for example you would copy it into "C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Inkball/" folder), next to the .exe. This could work for Advapi32.dll.

Good luck! :)
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