Ion Cursor Highlighter

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Ion Cursor Highlighter

Post by AcaiBerii » Wed Mar 17, 2021 3:57 pm

Ion is a Windows cursor highlighter, that's easy to use and simple for giving presentations.
To cycle through cursors, press "Alt" and "o".

How do I download Ion? I have a website, yet again hosted on REPL.

This works on x64 with SysWoW64 and x32. It only runs on WIndows 10.


1: Install .NET runtime 4.7 or above.
2: Extract the zip you downloaded from the website.
3: Run the .exe file.
4: Click on the screen. It will show an animated highlight.
5: Jhshhhshs nothing here :))

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namespace Main {
	class Main {
		public void Main() {
			Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
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