Arc Minecraft Server Management Tool

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Arc Minecraft Server Management Tool

Post by AcaiBerii » Wed Feb 24, 2021 10:41 pm

What is Arc? Arc allows for multiple instances of Minecraft servers to be created and run through the same launcher.
A bundled JRE will be available soon.
Arc is made in Windows Forms (C#.NET) and is a good tool for beginners.
This downloads all (popular) Minecraft server libraries.
Paper and vanilla are included, and we are planning to add support for BungeeCord as well.

How to download Arc? I have a REPL site set up for you to use (I know, REPL is bad. I will be self-hosting soon)

x32 updates are less common and will only be built on major releases. x64 releases are more common.
~~ This software is completely FREE ~~

OS: Windows 10




1: Install .NET and JRE 8 or 11 if running a Paper server from: and
2: Extract the .ZIP file downloaded and run the executable file named Arc.exe.
3: Grant the program UAC permissions to access the C:\Program Files folder and make a new folder called Arc. That is where it will store instances and download libraries.
4: Under the "Create" tab, go to the textbox called "Name" and replace it with your own instance name.
5: Then it will refresh the instances menu. Click the dropdown below "Instances", and select your instance server.jar path.
6: Press "Run Instance". Add arguments before running if you don't want to allocate your JVM's RAM automatically. The format is "-Xmx (x)GB/(x)MB -Xms (x)GB/(x)MB".
7: In the newest update, it will give you a notification bubble that tells you when your server is running. This update, however, is not currently built yet. It will be soon :)
8: There is no step 8. What?

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namespace Main {
	class Main {
		public void Main() {
			Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
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