[Release] Windows 1992

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[Release] Windows 1992

Post by maddiem » Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:29 pm

Windows 1992 is a mod of Windows XP which is designed to look more like Windows 3.1. It contains a new Windows 3.1 inspired theme as well as Windows 3.1 programs such as the Program Manager and Windows 3.1 clock.

Download Windows 1992 v1.0: [REMOVED]

Please note: Installation has only been tested in VirtualBox. There are apparently problems when installing in VMware, such as the custom theme not applying. Please keep this in mind. Also, please read the readme on the iso for some important information about Windows 1992.

To discuss Windows 1992, check out our Discord server:

Thank you for your interest in Windows 1992!
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