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(Public Leak) - Longhorn 4020 and 4032

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 2:44 am
by Cosmo
As you've probably seen from my last post regarding Longhorn 4020 a while back, I said I would have it readily available to you all soon. Well, the time has finally come! Now I'll be publicly leaking 4032 as well. Enjoy, and have a happy Christmas, everyone!

Longhorn 4020 (Build 6.0.4020.idx02.030507-1155) (BIOS Date: 08/05/03)

Longhorn 4032's Public Leak as well!

Longhorn 4032 (Build 6.0.4032.Lab06_n.030710-1709) (BIOS Date: 11/07/03)

Longhorn 4020 has a couple of minor changes, instead of "Longhorn XP Professional", the system will now call itself just "Longhorn Professional". explorer.exe's memory instabilities/leaks have been fixed in this build. In 4032, not much has changed. Enjoy these systems!