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Plop Bootmanager (Enables you to USB Boot without a supported BIOS)

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:50 pm
by henk717
Hello Everyone,

Given the fact multiple of you might be playing around with older hardware or VM software that has no USB support it can be frustrating to have to burn DVD's or CD's for every experiment you want to do.
To solve this i want to share with you a great free tool as my first forum post.

Inside the following zip file download you will find the bootmanager in multiple formats including an ISO you can burn to a disk or mount in your VM's.


Once booted up you will presented with the menu above, either choose USB or one of the HDD's that are in the list corresponding with your USB stick (Its either USB or one of these depending on your formatting of the stick and the BIOS of VM solution you are dealing with).

Your times of endless CD burning is now over!