Project of Insanity?

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Project of Insanity?

Post by CyStash » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:16 pm

Hey guys, maybe some of you could help me on this or tell me I'm completely insane. So i had an idea of taking a raspberry pi, putting a display on it and mounting it in my Xterra. I really would like to have it set up to possibly tether to my phone since i don't think i have the time or money to install a wifi system in the vehicle. So basically i would like to have it tether for internet, and then have it be voice activated where i can ask it to update weather, or news or whatever i need without having to ever touch it. And have it reply back kinda like cortana so i don't have to take my eyes off the road. I want to keep it as safe and non distracting as possible but have it there if i need it, also maybe to use it with google maps as a custom made navigation system? What do you guys think?
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Re: Project of Insanity?

Post by stenstorp » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:05 pm

Honestly, sounds doable. Take a look at this: ... -pi-image/
Basically open source siri/cortana/echo/etc.Should be easy to hook up a tethered Internet connection, microphone, speaker, screen and everything. You could even power it off of one of those car chargers.
If you use something like this, you probably won't need a screen though unless you want to get fancy with graphics and stuff.
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