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Broadband Internet Data Caps Stories

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:41 pm
by TheCanadianToast
Man, back in the day around 2010 to 2012 or so, and then upgraded data caps with more data included in them happened from 2013 to 2014, both my mom and dad had internet with Rogers Cable (An ISP in Canada), and back then Rogers had Internet plans all with data caps, both of them went with the Internet plan with the 80GB data cap back then, now trust me, having an 80GB data cap today for home internet is NOT ENOUGH these days. Nowadays ISP's In Canada are focusing on having internet plans with both data capped, and unlimited data, including Rogers. Anyways, both my mom and dad these days have unlimited internet, so I'm good now...

If you hit your data cap limit, the account holder would be charged with insane overage charges per GB or a GB block allotment. If I remember correctly, the rate with that Rogers 80GB data cap internet plan was $2.00/GB. When we had the data caps back then, both my mom and dad would complain to us saying to stop excessively using the internet when they found out that the data cap limit was reached either by a telephone call, or an online notification because they have to spend more money due to overage charges, like this one down here, I have kept this image screenshot all these years:


What are your horror home internet data cap stories back then and/or now? Feel free to reply if you have one...

Like this one time, my dad's home internet went over by 114GB when he had the data cap back then, trust me, he was not happy about that at all...

By the way, any Comcast users in the United States, I heard about your 1TB data cap commotion over there if you have it where you live, that is just horrible, and then you have to pay extra to Comcast just for requesting unlimited data... Ouch... :|