My Week with a 26 Year Old Keyboard

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My Week with a 26 Year Old Keyboard

Post by Numbers » Wed May 10, 2017 11:09 pm

So, I used a Razer Ultimate 2014/2015 for Longest time , and at First I loved it but over time due to issues and it sometimes shorting out and not working for couple hours. I started to hate it , I wanted something better , that would suit my needs. So, I started my journey to find a Vintage 90-80s Era Keyboard that was mechanical without a filthy Windows Key. I began my search looking all over for a decent alternative that didn't cost a arm and leg like Model Ms off Ebay. FInally, after months of searching on a random day trip to Kentucky, I found one DTK Computer Model MBK-1013, era 1991 with MX Cherry Switches. I paid a large amount of $3 for this beast, and I've used it for about Week Now and I love it. For what it is , its nice to type on , though its designed for 5 Din Pin ( AT Style Connector ) , I lucky found a AT-PS/2 Convertor so I can use it on my modern gaming rig. There's is a bit of input lag occutionly given its designed for slower input rate than normal PS/2 occasionally, it gets the job done. As a matter of fact , I wrote this forum post with it XD, Here's few Pictures of it I took [ ,]. Anyways I wanted to share my find with everyone on forums and help keep it active XD
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Re: My Week with a 26 Year Old Keyboard

Post by ShinyElGhosteo » Tue Dec 05, 2017 5:41 pm

rip 3 key
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